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Offenses cover

Healing from Hurts and Offenses

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Healing From Hurts and Offenses
addresses issues that arise when people hurt us.  With many personal anecdotes and flashes of humor, Carola explains strategies to overlook minor infractions and restore relationships.

For major offenses, this book recognizes that crimes, all types of abuse, neglect, rejection, substance abuse, and other wounds can go deep and need time and effort to heal.  Biblically-based steps are given to help victims on the road to recovery.  Issues are discussed such as confrontation, restoring or ending relationships, and the harm done by churches or religious organizations.

Dare to be loved by God

Dare To Be Loved By God 

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Removing the barriers to accepting God’s love in your life


Finding God Darkness

Finding God in the Darkness

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A memoir

Finding God In The Darkness is the true story of author Carola Finch.  The memoir tells the story of a girl who endures emotional abuse, physical assaults, bullying, and rejection at home, at school, and at dance class.  The story reveals how she finds God in her own personal darkness.

Becoming a Swan

Becoming a Swan

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Hope for Christians who feel like ugly ducklings

This book offers hope and practical Christian solutions to common issues facing Christians who feel that they cannot overcome their past.